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Blackbird Leys residents have access to an allotment site situated at Sorrel Road, for more information or to check availability please contact the Sorrel Road Allotment Secretary.

Contacts that you may find useful including Blackbird Leys Clerk, Community Response Team, PCSOs and Thames Valley Police, Oxford Parking ServicesTeam, Waste, Dog Warden Services, Potholes, and Blackbird Leys Sports Centre.

Blackbird Leys Parish Council aims to help the community of Greater Leys and Blackbird Leys to develop and grow so that its residents can reach their full potential and feel comfortable in their surroundings whether young or old. We continue to provide local organisations with funding to ensure they can provide key services to those who need it. We advertise and support local events and connect individuals to various support groups.

The history of Blackbird Leys from 1751 through to 2017 by Carole Newbinging.

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