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B lackbird Leys Parish Council is made up of two wards, Blackbird Leys Ward and Northfield Brook Ward (Greater Leys), the parish was formed in 1990.

​The parish council's role is to represent the interests of the whole parish and elects councillors to fulfill this.


To be a councillor you must live in or within a 3-mile radius, and we currently have vacancies. 

We have an annual grants scheme and can award money up to £2,500 to local groups to enhance life in the parish. 

We have a planning committee that meets on the second Monday of the month to review planning applications and make recommendations to the Oxford City Council Planning Department.


The full parish council also meets monthly and meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month.

If you require more information please contact the Parish Clerk.  

Meet the Parish Council members or check for member vacancies.

Council meetings, agendas, and minutes documentation records.

Annual accounts, income and expenditure, budget, and assets.

Latest News

Be a part of the Census 2021. By taking part and encouraging others to do the same, you'll help make sure you community gets the services in needs.

Census Day is 21st March 2021. 

We now have the capability to host virtual meetings via 'Zoom'. To attend our meetings virtually, please view the invitation details via 'Agenda's' tab.  

Have you seen the recent update to the regeneration project?

Check out the update on our 'useful contacts' page. 

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​​Call the Clerk: 07783043481

​Find us at: Blackbird Leys Community Centre, Blackbird Leys Road, OX4 6HW

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Blackbird Leys Estate